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Reason why Greek food is good enough

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Have you ever wondered why Greek food is so popular all over the world? It's because Greek cooking offers an incredibly rich and diverse array of dishes that are the culmination of literally thousands of years of living, cooking, and eating.

The reasons for this popularity are actually very simple. Greek food is extremely flavoursome, with unique combinations of herbs and spices.
But perhaps the most important of these reasons is the healthy nature of Greek dishes. Greek people who follow the traditional Greek diet enjoy lower heart disease and cancer rates than the rest of Europe. The traditional Greek diet consists largely of fresh vegetables, fruit, and olive oil, with grilled meat and fish served almost as an afterthoughts. Perhaps that is why the diet appeals also strongly to those who follow vegetarian recipes.

With many Greek dishes also containing healthy amounts of fiber and plenty of nutrients, it’s no wonder that this cuisine is becoming so popular. With regional differences also coming into play, there’s something new to try every day in the world of Greek cuisine.

Vegetarian Friendly

In Greek cuisine here are a number of dishes made almost entirely of plant-based foods. So eating like a vegetarian isn’t hard. In addition, since seafood is a common ingredient in the Greek diet, pescatarians can also feel right at home. But no matter your food preference, Greece has an endless list of delicious, modern and traditional meals that can satisfy your hunger.


Thanks to Greek history, Greek food is the result of a mash-up of different cultures. Persians introduced Middle Eastern foods like yogurt, rice, and honey, Rome brought pasta and sauces, and Turks showed them coffee. There are also influences from Arab nations as well as the Americas. But throughout all these integrations, Greek food brought about their own culture and favorite dishes and began sharing with all who visited. In addition to being the birthplace of Dionysus (god of wine), Greece is also home of the first wine making.


Greeks still have strong ties to its history today. Whether that be the way they act, the way they dress, or their occupations, they never forget who they once were. They also don’t forget what they once ate. One of the coolest thing about Greek food today is that it is still made and eaten the way it was thousands of years ago. Dishes like lentil soup or dolmades (rice and mincemeat wrapped in grape leaves) are some of the thing Ancient Greeks ate and what Modern Greeks eat today. Perhaps there are still some meals that date back to 350 B.C when Archestratus is thought to have written the first cookbook.

Another tradition is how Ancient Greeks almost always ate with their hands and even using bread as a napkin sometimes! The former is true today (wouldn’t it be cool to have bread napkins?) Many foods like loukoumades, dolmades, and gyros (meat wrapped up in a pita) are eaten with only your hands. But eating with your hands is often much easier to do. Just think about it: wouldn’t it be hard to tear a piece of bread off of a loaf with a fork?

Greek is one of the most versatile diets that can satisfy just about anyone with their fresh and flavorful variety of entrees.



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