Authentic Greek food...



1. Dolmathakia

With grape leaves rice and herbs, ground beef added if desired.

2. Meatballs

3. Stuffed eggplants

4. Stuffed mushrooms

5. Kolokythokeftethes

6. Tomatokeftethes


1. Egglemon Chiken soup

2. Egglemon meatball soup

3. Meat soup

4. Fish soup

5. Vegetable soup


1. Spanakopita (spinach pie )

2. Tyropita (cheese pie)

3. Kolokythopita (Squash pie)

4. Pumpkin pie

5. Chicken pie


1. Fasolada

Butter beans with vegetables soup

2. Gigantes

Lima beans

3. Garbanzo bean soup

4. Garbanzo beans salad

5. Sausage and chickpeas casserole

6. Lentil soup

7. Lentil salad


1. Kokkinisto

Veal cutlets in tomato sauce and spices

2. Roast beef

With delicious golden sauce

3. Ground beef

4. Meatloaf

5. Pastitsio

6. Mousaka

7. Keftethes



1. Lemon Chicken with potatoes

2. Youvetsi

Chicken with orzo stew with tomato sauce.

3. Chicken with okra

4. Chicken fricassee

Chicken with celery and dill in egglemon sauce


1. Roasted lemon pork with potatoes

2. Pork Yiouvetsi

With orzo stew in tomato sauce

3. Pork special

With mushroom, peppers and cashews

4. Pork fricassee

With celery and egglemon sauce


1. Roasted lamb with herbs

2. Lemon lamb with potatoes

3. Lamb fricassee

With leeks lettuce and egglemon sauce


1. Octopus

In olive oil and vinegar

2. Octopus stifado

With Pearl onions tomato sauce and spices.

3. Shrimp saganaki


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